Business Leaders Gather for Second Annual “Executive Expo”

More than fifty business leaders learned about leadership skills

FARGO, N.D. —┬áSeveral business executives learned new ways to guide their businesses in the right direction.

The second annual “Executive Expo” gave leaders a chance to have candid conversations about developing their brands, while also learning tips about how to help their companies grow.

Organizers say gathering these prominent people together helps tighten the metro’s business community.

“The key to this event, compared to a lot of them, is that 95% are business owners and leaders of their organizations, so it’s a completely different mindset, responsibility that they have compared to an employee, and that’s really what sets this event apart,” said Kurt McSparron, the Founder of The100, Inc.

The group that sponsored the expo, The100 Inc., is made up of executives that look to make the metro a better place for business.

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