Twins Caravan Returns to Fargo Ready to Hype Fans for the Upcoming Season

Traveling across Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Iowa, the winter Caravan meets fans away from their home base.

FARGO, N.D. — It may not be baseball season outside in these negative temps, but fans are bringing their peanuts and cracker jacks inside for the annual Twins Caravan.

The snow outside may not be reassuring that baseball season is in the air…but Twins jerseys, warm hot dogs and, of course, TC, are a sure reminder.

“I always look forward to this every year because I love meeting players, talking baseball,” said Steven Harthun, a Twins fan.

Traveling across Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Iowa, the Twins Caravan meets fans away from their home base.

“They call it the Twins Territory so it kind of brings us North Dakota and South Dakota people in there so it’s kind of a fun thing that keeps us together with it,” said Tyler Morhouse, a Twins fan.

And gives some a chance to meet their favorites.

“Bert Blyleven…and what’s so special about him…he’s Bert Blyleven,” said Paula Bjerk, a Twins fan.

And now I understand the hype.

“He’s pretty hilarious. Very interesting speaker.” Bjerk said.

But regardless of how popular the Hall of Famer has become, he says this yearly trip is really about the fans.

“We’re here to promote Twins baseball we’re also here to thank all of the fans for all their support over the years. That’s what the winter caravan is all about,” said Bert Blyleven, Hall of Famer and FSN Analyst.

It’s also a night to forget about the outdoor conditions, and put yourself back in baseball mode.

“Getting to be outside, enjoying the fresh air, drinking beer, watching sports, how can you go wrong there?” said Harthun.

“You’re around your own people like there’s other people out here that enjoy this as much as I do and that does feel good,” said Morhouse.

With just a few weeks away from spring training, Blyleven is putting a certain thought on the minds of Twins faithful.

“I’ve been doing this a long time and it’s just a way of coming out and tell the people hey there is a new season coming, last year is over with. Remember the good times but let’s look forward to the new players that are on the field,” Blyleven said.

Thursday is the last day on all routes for the Twins Caravan.

Opening Day is March 28th against Cleveland at Target Field.

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