Worker Falls Through Ceiling at Shanley High School

No one else was injured

FARGO, N.D. — A contractor falls through the ceiling while working at Shanley High School.

The school noticed some ventilation issues yesterday, and called a contractor to address the problem.

“We knew something was wrong with the system, needed attention in the system and we identified the source and called them and they were in today working on it,” Mike Hagstrom, president of JPII Catholic Schools, said.

The worker was working with the ventilation issue when he fell about 10 feet through the library ceiling. Staff called 911 right away and tended to him as well.

The principal says there are 15–20 students in the library at any given time working on projects.

The worker was conscious when first responders arrived, but the extent of his injuries aren’t yet known. He was transported to a local hospital.

“The crew escorted him out and I assume he’s being tended to as needed. We’re grateful for their quick service and immediate response and our thoughts and prayers are with him as his family. We’re focused on him and his well–being. That’s our concern,” Hagstrom said.

Students were evacuated from the library. The school went into instructional lockdown, where students stayed in their classrooms and teachers continued teaching.

“I don’t know if he was on a solo crew or another person working on the other end of the ventilation system, but he’s the only one involved in the accident. I don’t know the student reaction, but we’re grateful nobody else was hurt, no students were hurt,” Hagstrom said.

Shanley High School, along with Sullivan Middle School, is part of St. John Paul II Catholic Schools.

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