Tris Pharma Voluntarily Recalls Two Kinds of Infants’ Ibuprofen

The brands include CVS Health and Equate

FARGO, N.D. — Tris Pharma is expanding its voluntary recall of infants’ ibuprofen oral suspension drops.

Brands affected include CVS Health and Equate, which is sold at Walmart. They are being recalled over concerns that the concentration is ten percent higher than it should be for little ones. Essentia pharmacists say if you’re concerned about the concentration of medicine, talk to your doctor before administering it to a child.

“Medications come in many different concentrations so just be aware of what it is that you are using. Check your label, all medications have to have that on there. So that’s step one. If you have any questions, sometimes it’s confusing. Be sure to ask either your provider or your pharmacist to help you dose those things,” said Molly Rachel, an Essentia pharmacist.

Both Essentia Health and Sanford Health do not carry any of the baby ibuprofen that’s recalled.

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