Fargo Public Roads Clearing Roads, Using All Equipment

They ask people to keep their cars out of the streets

FARGO, N.D. — We are looking at a lot of snow once again but Fargo Public Works crews say they’ve got things covered.

Crews started snow operations last night at 8 and with the accumulation overnight, they ended up running plows twice by 7 this morning.

They hope to be done with residential neighborhoods tonight by 7.

Fargo Public Works has every piece of equipment out on the streets, which is why employees ask that people keep their vehicles off of the streets if possible.

“I understand that with the cold, a lot of people’s cars didn’t start and we understand that but if the folks can get their vehicles moved out off the street or the avenue, that would greatly help us out just so we can get a cleaner route in one pass instead of having to come back tonight,” said Cory Houim, Fargo Public Works streets supervisor.

Crews also ask that drivers give the plows out on the streets some extra space.

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