New Art Installment at Fargo Airport Highlights Regional Scenery

The series called "Grand Abstractions" is the second installment of a yearlong art exhibit at Hector

FARGO, N.D. — If you’re traveling through Hector International Airport, you might notice some new art on the walls.

The artist behind the new installation, Zhimin Guan, uses his work to bridge the East and West… especially the Midwest.

“American land is very refreshing, very new, and vast, and energetic. I think it’s perfect for me to use some of the tradition from the Chinese landscape and American landscape. I feel fortunate to bridge the two, create international art,” Guan said.

His series called “Grand Abstractions” is the second installment of a yearlong art exhibit at Hector.

“Fargo Airport Authority believes this is a great reflection on who we are as a community. The artworks that have been on display on the terminal have added significant amount of delight for passengers arriving or departing from airport,” Shawn Dobberstein, executive director of Hector International Airport, said.

The airport and Arts Partnership teamed up for an initiative to showcase work from regional artists. The installation changes every three to four months.

“There’s a lot of anxiety around flying, and art has a great calming effect on people. I think it also helps to find a place— if you land in Fargo on a day like today and you’ve never been here and you look out, it’s a tough view. This gives you a sense there’s life and vibrancy and diversity and culture happening in this community whether you can see it under the snow or not,” Dayna Del Val, president/CEO of The Arts Partnership, said.

The paintings are inspired by the rock formations of the Badlands and the wide range of weather passing over the region.

“A stone can inspire me to paint a landscape, a tree form can be in front me to form abstract paintings. All of this is combined together accumulated into a mystical formation,” Guan said.

Ultimately, he says the series is “to grasp legend of North Dakota.”

Guan’s installment will be on display until May.

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