Number of Uber Drivers, Prices Affected By Blizzard Conditions

Some drivers are having car troubles themselves

FARGO, N.D. — The conditions outside mean fewer Uber drivers are on the road and that means it’ll cost you more to use the service.

Some drivers can’t get their own cars to start or can’t get their cars through the snow.

The weather means good business for the ones who are able to drive.

One Uber driver, Dan Haglund, says prices are 1.5 to 4 times the regular price.

There are passengers who are also having car trouble or need to get somewhere and are relying on the service.

“When the weather’s bad I actually like to drive more. There are people that are kind of desperate to doctors’ appointments or get to wherever they need to go. They need to be picked up from the Amtrak or wherever. They need us,” Haglund said.

He says his own car died because of the cold, but if he could drive today, he would.

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