Pinball Players Raise Money for The Village Family Service Center

People or businesses can sponsor pinball machines

FARGO, N.D. — Pinball lovers get to have fun while giving back to the community at Fargo Pinball.

Money collected in their pinball and arcade machines will go towards The Village Family Service Center.

The Village hopes to raise $75,000 through Giving Hearts Day. People or businesses could also sponsor machines for $50.

The sponsored machine that gets the most funds will win a free yearlong membership to Fargo Pinball.

“It just makes my heart feel so warm, our community is such a giving community, and I don’t think you see that in a lot of other places, so it’s a good feeling,” Kalyn Omlid, communications coordinator for The Village, said.

The Village offers mental health services, family therapy and more. Money will also go towards the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Village and First Step Recovery programs.

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