NDSU’s Darwin Days Allow Students to Explore Biological History

The two-day event culminated with a speech and birthday dinner honoring the scientist

FARGO, N.D. — Over the last two days, NDSU students learned how Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution impacts the world around them.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of when the university’s biological sciences department started celebrating the famed scientist.

People could learn how evolutionary changes impact animal behavior while also getting to interact with live animals.

One NDSU professor says putting these lessons on display shows how Darwin’s theory still impacts so many areas.

“We want to promote everything we’ve learned as a society through science, and Darwin is a great focus point for that whole thing because his theory of evolution is one of the best scientific theories we got,” said Steve Travers, an Associate Professor of Biological Sciences at NDSU.

The annual celebration wrapped up with a speech from Edmund Brodie, a botany professor from the University of Virginia.

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