World Famous Mime Bill Bowers Shows Off His Skills in Moorhead

Bill Bowers travels around the world to showcase his miming skills

MOORHEAD, Minn. — A world–renowned mime racked up the laughs while teaching others about his craft at Concordia College.

Bill Bowers trained under Marcel Marceau and has been performing as a mime for several years.

His show featured some physical storytelling, some acts centered around music, and even some lip–syncing.

His goal is not only to create a legendary night, but to fire up the next generation’s passion for his art.

“It’s one of those art forms that only exists in imagination. It happens between an audience and a performer, there’s no real script to it. Hopefully I can convince a few people to want to study it and pass the art form on,” Bowers said.

Bowers’s performance tonight was held at the Frances Frazier Comstock Theater at Concordia.

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