Snowbirds Shed Their Winter Blues at Red River Valley Sportsmen’s Show

Several local business owners love the chance to take part each year

FARGO, N.D. —┬áThe cold temperatures and stacks upon stacks of snow are leading people to daydream about a nice summer’s day.

“Now more than ever people are thinking about those great June, July, August, September dates. Get out there, get on the water, get a new boat, get a better dock, or get a new camper or RV and get out there and enjoy the Midwest,” said Barry Cenaiko, the Show Organizer for the Red River Valley Sportsmen’s Show.

More than 250 companies filled up the Fargodome floor, selling summertime dreams like a boat or RV.

For some local business owners, getting a chance to show off their passion is always a highlight.

“I just like coming here and meeting the people and talking with them, even though they may not book a trip, but they’re just friendly, from North Dakota, Minnesota, and South Dakota people, that Midwestern people, you know,” said Patrick Shields, a Certified Guide for Devils Lake Walleye Addicts.

Some of the business owners say their favorite part of the Sportsmen’s Show is seeing some old friends while introducing some new faces to the great outdoors.

“No matter where I go it’s like, ‘hey EB, how you doing?’ or if I come back to the show every year, it’s like ‘hey EB’. I turn around, I don’t even know if I know that guy half the time, or that person, but it’s nice, it’s very nice, it’s a lot of fun,” said Everett Christensen, an inventor from Hawley who created the Quick Swap fishing device.

Christensen has been a part of the Sportsmen’s Show for the last seven years, and says it’s his yearly reminder that he can break out his fishing pole.

“When I’m out here talking about fishing, that’s starting to get me driving, I’m thinking maybe I should get the boat out, get things ready to go, make sure I have all my tackle lined up, make sure everything’s in working order, so when I get out there, I can start fishing,” Christensen said.

Even if winter is still here, people can sleep easy knowing their time to bask in the outdoor heat is just around the corner.

The Red River Valley Sportsmen’s Show wraps up Sunday in the Fargodome with some fishing workshops and performances from Twiggy the Water Skiing Squirrel.

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