President Trump Honors FCS Champion Bison, Coach Entz “It’s been a once in a lifetime trip”

WASHINGTON – North Dakota State football makes its historic trip to The White House.

The team was honored by President Trump for its seventh national title in the last eight seasons and there were even a few surprises thrown in.

The trip was tightly scheduled and well planned out, but very quickly the schedule was thrown out the window as President Trump showed off his characteristic improvisation.

Initially, the Bison’s visit was just supposed to be a quick photo op with the president followed by a tour of the West Wing. Just like he did with the FBS champion Clemson Tigers in January, President Trump provided a lunch of fast food courtesy of McDonald’s and Chick-Fil-A. He said he’s seen how much football players eat and thought this would be a fitting meal. Based on the players’ reactions, he was right.

From there, the president invited the team into the Oval Office to take a picture and ended up spending more than an hour with them.

In what is the first major event for Matt Entz as Head Coach, he was blown away.

“It goes back to seeing our players in awe and the facilities and being in the White House and being able to interact with a sitting president and shake his hand. Then to go through the capitol and see the statues and the history of our country. It’s been a once in a lifetime trip for a number of our players,” Entz said.

“It’s just a surreal moment. I don’t even know if it’s sunk it. My heart was racing. It was just a really neat opportunity, and he was so gracious with his time and talked to us, so it was a lot of fun,” Former Bison Quarterback Easton Stick said.

The White House, of course, was just the beginning.

The team enjoyed a second lunch of the day at the us capitol building provided by North Dakota Sen. John Hoeven who orchestrated this entire trip when he approached the president about hosting the Bison. The team toured the capitol with Senators Hoeven and Kevin Cramer before one last team photo.

The players were then given the opportunity to navigate the monuments and memorials along the mall, starting with the Lincoln Memorial.

They are getting ready to head back to the airport to cap off their long, but fulfilling day.

It was previously announced that every player from the championship team would be attending, but Entz said three players were left home because they lost their ID’s.

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