NDSU Honored for off-the-Field Prowess as much as On-Field Success

The Bison football team was honored at the White House on Monday

WASHINGTON — North Dakota State football likes to take things one day at a time; Once that day is done, they move on to the next one.

Monday will not soon be forgotten for this team, though.

The Bison are home after getting honored at the White House on Monday.

Senator John Hoeven (R-ND) set everything up by asking the President to recognize the team that has seven national titles in the last eight years.

President Trump made several lighthearted comments about hoping for his own successful eight-year run.

But even though NDSU was recognized for winning the title, everyone seemed to bring up the team’s record of success off the field as well.

“The President made very clear that he’s celebrating their championship, but he’s really celebrating who they are as individuals, their athletic prowess,” counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway said.

Hoeven was especially proud of the team.

“It’s almost hard to put into words how much I appreciate these young people, because they worked so hard to get where they are,” he said. “They earned their way here. They earned their way here with their incredible accomplishments. Again, it’s not just on the gridiron, it’s how they conduct themselves. Great role models.”

When asked if he has already talked to president trump about the team visiting again in 2020, Hoeven laughed and said ‘not yet.’

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