Schools Locked Down During Search For South Fargo Burglary Suspect

Paul Kalal was taken to the Cass County Jail for two counts of burglary and an outstanding warrant

FARGO, N.D. –Fargo Police arrested a man Tuesday morning after a string of house breakā€“ins in South Fargo.

Around 8 a.m. officers Police came to the 1400 block of 11th Avenue South after a woman saw a man hiding in her basement.

“They screamed, made a loud noise, the male got scared, exited the residence, and fled on foot,” said Jessica Schindeldecker of the Fargo Police Department.

Neighbors say they saw the man running up and down their street barefoot, trying to get into people’s homes. The man then fell into this snowbank, entered a home, and the homeowner called the police.

Officers tracked footprints to a house several blocks away on Ninth Avenue South, where they found Paul Kalal, 34, barricaded in a bedroom.

While police surrounded the home, both Woodrow Wilson High School and Jefferson Elementary School were put on lockdown.

“Local schools were contacted, Woodrow Wilson was put on lockdown right away since they are located closest to that scene, and then Fargo Public Schools made determinations as to what other schools would be locked down,” Schindeldecker said.

Kalal was arrested on two counts of burglary and an outstanding warrant.

Some neighbors said they were surprised to see a heavy police presence around their homes.

Jeff Rustvold has lived in his home for several years, and he says the incident serves a reminder to make sure he doesn’t leave any entry to his house open.

“Well we keep our doors locked, I guess it’s gotten to be that way. That, I guess, just make sure everything’s kinda locked up and be aware,” Rustvold said.

Kalal has had previous convictions in Cass County for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia as well as terrorizing and domestic violence.

He is currently being held at the Cass County Jail.

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