MN Gov. Tim Walz Touts Education Budget Proposal at M State in Moorhead

The Governor is calling for an increase of State Grants and tuition assistance

MOORHEAD, Minn. -Long before he became the Governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz was a high school teacher in Mankato.

“Our students understand that he understands work, and so do our faculty, so when he’s been in the classroom trying to help students of all academic abilities meet and achieve their dreams, they know he’s coming at it from a place of understanding,” said Dr. Carrie Brimhall, the President of Minnesota State Community and Technical College.

One way Gov. Walz plans to help more students in Minnesota is by expanding the State Grant program.

In his most recent budget proposal, he has $54 million devoted to covering tuition for families making up to $45,000 at two and four year Minnesota schools.

“This generation is working harder, longer, and smarter. It’s about how the state has refused to do the same things for them that they did for us, and I want to turn that ship,” said Gov. Walz.

After hearing from M State students about their struggles to afford a full–time education, Gov. Walz says having fewer students achieving a degree at state schools hurts the Minnesota economy.

“I philosophically and economically disagree with this idea that we should be piling on debt. I think every one of these students who receives a quality education in the long run will benefit me both as a society that functions better and economically by paying their taxes,” Gov. Walz said.

With Gov. Walz’s pledge to breathe life into higher education in Minnesota, educators like Brimhall say they’re optimistic about how the budget paves the way for students to succeed.

“As we serve a diverse and talented and brilliant group of students who have other needs, we need to be able to have the hands–on and people resources in order to meet them where they’re at,” Brimhall said.

Walz also called for students to get in touch with their state legislators to stress what higher education funding means to them before they approve the final budget.

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