Cass County Commissioners Issue Emergency Declaration For Spring Flooding

Could Overland Flooding Be Similar To County Flooding In 2011?

CASS COUNTY, ND —┬áCass County Commissioners issuing an emergency declaration in response to the latest flood outlook.

County Engineer Jason Benson says there will be “multiple flood battles” to deal with along the Red River and its tributaries north of West Fargo.

He expects the overland flooding from the Sheyenne, Maple and Rush rivers will form a “huge lake”, stretching all the way to Argusville and isolating rural homes.

The rivers all converge on the Red in that area.

Benson says the severity of the flooding is the timing of the crests.

All three hit their crest at the same time in the 2011 flood.

The water was high enough to flood I-29, closing the interstate from Harwood to Argusville.

Sandbagging operations will start by the middle of next week along with a call for volunteers.

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