NDSU Fans Cheer on the Bison From Fargo

Fans gathered at Boston's Pizza in West Fargo to watch the game

FARGO, N.D. —┬áNDSU men’s basketball is still dancing.

The Bison won a 78-74 thriller against North Carolina Central in their first four game of the NCAA tournament and plenty of fans were at Boston’s Pizza in West Fargo to cheer on the team and celebrate the victory.

“I was kind of worried,” Bison fan Chris Johnson said. “We were ahead by thirteen, kind of got concerned when we were behind, but I knew we could pull it out.”

“This was a heck of a game,” Bison fan Austin Smith said. “I’ve never seen anything like this from the Bison basketball team and it’s great to come out for March Madness and get a win.”

This win means NDSU will move on to play in the round of 64. Their next game is on Friday against a No.1 Duke team that will likely prove to be a much bigger challenge for the Bison.

NDSU fans aren’t quite ready to count their team out.

“Duke is just another team, Johnson said. “I think we’ll be with them. It’s any given Sunday as they say.”

“I’m going to make a prediction,” Smith said. “We’re going with 78-65 Bison.”

No Bison fan would be all too crazy to think NDSU could have a chance to win another game in the tournament, as it was improbable to think the Bison were suppose to make it here in the first place. If this run proves anything, it’s that NDSU is more than just a football school.

“Oh we have a football team too? Really?” said Johnson. “And we have a softball team too.”

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