Cobbers in Action Creating More Smiles, Giving Back to Community With Babb’s Buyout

the organization bought $400 worth of coffee for customers at Babb's Coffee House


FARGO, N.D. — There’s nothing that creates more smiles quite like free coffee.

That’s why Concordia’s Cobbers in Action bought $400 worth of coffee for customers at Babb’s Coffee this afternoon.

The club was formed about a year and a half ago at the college to spread a little more kindness throughout the community.

But students in the organization are also taking it as an opportunity to raise money for 4 Luv of Dog Rescue.

“It shows communal support. This is the F-M area. A lot of times we feel really begrudgingly about what we see in the news, about everything that’s not happening. But honestly, we are a loving community that will go out and support something that matters and this matters. The community has spoken. Having something like this go down, it just makes sense to me that we’re having so much of a good turnout,” said Alexander O’Connell, president of Cobbers in Action.

Cobbers in Action has also raised money for the anti-human trafficking network Unseen. The organization does their Babb’s Buyout at least once every fall and spring.

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