ND Gov. Burgum Signs Bill Striking Down Blue Law

BISMARCK, N.D. – Starting in August, you will no longer have to wait for most businesses to open their doors at noon on Sundays in North Dakota.

Gov. Doug Burgum signed the “Blue Law” House Bill 1097 Monday which strikes down regulations that close most retailers from midnight to noon on Sundays. The bill takes effect on August 1st and the first Sunday businesses can be open on Sunday mornings is August 4th.

The Senate approved the measure last week after the house passed its version in January.

“This legislation supports freedom, fairness and local control. We trust retailers to decide when it’s best to open or not open their businesses, and we trust families and consumers to determine how best to spend their time. Repealing this Sunday morning shopping restriction will allow our Main Street businesses to compete on a more level playing field with online retailers and bordering states. Giving retailers the choice to join the grocery stores, gas stations and restaurants that already operate on Sunday mornings will create a fairer business environment,” Burgum said.

Many argue that Sundays are meant for spending time with family and going to church.

On his personal Facebook page last week, Republican Sen. Oley Larsen of Minot disagreed with the passage of the bill saying, “300 years of history snuffed out with one single vote. It was a sad day to see tradition go by the wayside.”


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