FMWF Chamber Urges Members to Help With Sandbagging Efforts

They hope employers will let workers take time off without PTO to volunteer

FARGO, N.D. — The Chamber of Commerce is urging its members to help with the sandbagging efforts.

The organization says permanent flood protection is crucial, because it keeps businesses up-and-running and helps recruit businesses to the metro.

The group is asking that employers let their workers take time off without PTO to help with sandbagging.

They say the most difficult time for getting volunteers is during business hours.

“We’re saying, ‘hey, this is important,’ in some cases these companies have been involved in our lobbying efforts and we’re saying so you know it’s important, and we really want your help to encourage your employees to give them the permission to do it if they choose to do it,” Craig Whitney, president/CEO of the FMWF Chamber, said.

Members can sign up for any shift in Fargo, Moorhead, or Cass County.


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