Moorhead Stresses Importance of Proper Sump Pump Discharge Use

Melting snow and sump pumps connected to a sanitary sewer can cause sewer back-ups for entire neighborhoods

MOORHEAD– The city of Moorhead’s wastewater division is encouraging all sump pump owners to direct the pump’s discharge outside of the home rather than to a floor drain or sanitary sewer connection.

Sump pumps placed in the sanitary sewer during the winter months can cause excess water come springtime and sewer back-up.

Placing your sump pump in a sanitary sewer can use up more energy.

Melting snow during the spring months is another factor in sewer back-up.

“If the flow is high enough or if the conditions become excessive enough we could see potentially sewer back-up and it would affect you know your neighbors,” City of Moorhead wastewater division operations manager Andy Bradshaw said. “In fact, the whole neighborhood could have problems with sewer back-up because of all of the excess flow in the system.”

Bradshaw says this is a metro-wide issue and can happen in any community.


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