Red River Market Brings a Taste of Summer to Spring

The market gave a preview of what visitors can expect later this year

MOORHEAD, Minn. —¬†Farmer’s market season may still be a few months away, but a local market is trying to get people excited for warmer days.

The Moorhead Center Mall is packed with people for the Red River Spring Market.

Many vendors are selling products to people, like soap, comics, and locally-grown food.

Organizers say the spring market is a great way to get people’s minds thinking about summer while staying indoors.

“We love creating a space for the community to get together, and there’s a lot of pent-up demand over the winter,” said Red River Market co-organizer Joe Burgum. “People are ready to get outside and move around.”

Not only does this market cater to the people, but vendors say it also helps them get the word out about their businesses.

“I’m one of the few food trucks who run through the wintertime, so when we get a market or we get a chance to get a market that’s in the spring, it’s kind of a boost to get what’s prepared for coming for spring and summer,” said Jason Halvorson, who works for Texas Q BBQ and Catering.

Vendors also say they enjoy the opportunity to offer products to people a few months before the regular market starts.

“We don’t do enough of these things in Fargo, and I’m very glad that Folkways and all of their people that help and put into this, we really get the maximum efficiency out of the back,” said Halvorson. “It’s a very fun event for everybody.”

Market organizers say they couldn’t be happier about the turnout.

“It’s been great to activate the Moorhead Center Mall and grateful for the support from the city of Moorhead and downtown Moorhead for us to use this space, and it’s been a really fun time,” said Burgum.

Even though the calendar shows spring, people who attended the market say they are glad that summer came a little bit earlier this year.

The Red River Market will begin its summer season on July 13.

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