Kindred and Davenport Get Ready for Flooding

Overlanding is of Major concern in these areas

KINDRED, N.D. —¬†While the threat of flooding is still a concern in the Kindred and Davenport areas, there is reason to be optimistic.

“It is still going to be significant,” Cass County Engineer Jason Benson said. “But not quite as damaging. One of the critical items is that we don’t anticipate it overtopping State Highway 46 West of Kindred. That water in the past has had significant impact on the Davenport area and that town.”
One thing residents in this area will still have to be concerned with is the effects from the Sheyenne River.
“Because of the high water in the Sheyenne River, we are encouraging people to be concerned and take precautions,” Benson said. “The Sheyenne River has different spots that stays within the bank and then all of a sudden we get to certain spots where it breaks out and it may travel three to five miles overland and wash out over roads or cause other damage before it gets back into the river.”
Roads conditions are of special concern to this area as the spring thaw may cause them to change at a rapid pace.
“People need to be prepared for those changing travel conditions where the route that it took to get to work in the morning may not be the same route that you can take to get home at night,” Benson said.
Now is the time for people in these areas to take notice as the next coming days are when things are expected to start melting.
“This upcoming weekend, I think we are going to lose a lot of our snow because we are not going to have a low temperature now through probably Monday,” Benson said. “People need to be aware that while it has been a long two to three weeks of waiting for when the melt is going to finally get here, I think it will be here this weekend.”
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