3G Ventures Warehouse in Grand Forks Destroyed After Fire

The cause of the fire is unknown

GRAND FORKS, N.D. — The 3G Ventures Warehouse is destroyed after a fire.

Around 9:00 Tuesday night, a passerby reported a fire coming from the warehouse. The 10,000 square foot steel building across from the North Dakota Mill and Elevator is now a collapsed pile of materials that may be impossible to sort through.

It took firefighters an hour and a half to knock down the flames. What’s left of the steel structure is completely caved in.

“We had difficulty getting access. We had water on the fire right away using our aerial truck, in what we call a deck gun,” Battalion Chief Bruce Weymier said.

The fire department responded with five engines, a ladder, and a command vehicle. They had to cut through fences to get to the building.

No one was inside the building, and no firefighters were hurt.

The warehouse stored computer servers. However, it might not be structurally sound to get anything out.

“We might not be able to determine the cause because of the state of the building. There was so much damage we might not be able to get into it. We do have an unmanned drone that’s coming that’s going to help us with some of the internal pictures, because we can’t gain access to the building,” Weymier said.

Firefighters were monitoring the building throughout the night, and as of this afternoon the building was released to the owners, who will decide what to do with it.

It’s not clear if it’ll be demolished or how much total damage took place.

“The building owners are going to have to determine the cost of that,” Weymier said.

He also says there hasn’t been a fire of this scale in Grand Forks for a few years.

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