Fargo’s Prairie Roots Co-op Eliminates Paper Bags

FARGO, N.D. – Fargo’s Prairie Roots Foods Co-op gets rid of paper bags to cut down on what shoppers are sending to landfills.

It’s the grocery store trying to bring the Earth Day message of keeping things green to everyday shopping.

The co-op says paper bags last almost as long as plastic ones in landfills. Its General Manager points out a lot of energy goes into making paper as well.

Customers can use bags brought from home or reusable bags donated to the co-op or buy canvas bags at Prairie Roots.

“We want to have a sustainable environment, and this is one step in the right direction,” General Manager Trae Long said.

Whitney Oxendahl, “This is a great way that the co-op is introducing new materials that are just thrown away,” shopper Whitney Oxendahl explained.

If you don’t want to use bags at all, you can pick up cardboard boxes near the registers.

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