Interfaith Peace Vigil Honors Victims of Sri Lanka Terror Attacks

Some at the vigil know people in Sri Lanka or have fled violence in other countries themselves

FARGO, N.D. — Christians, Jews and Muslims in the F–M area come together in solidarity at an interfaith vigil after the terror attacks in Sri Lanka.

On Easter Sunday, one pastor at Olivet Lutheran Church  says she felt on top of the world while taking part in festivities. All changed later in the day when she heard about the bombings in Sri Lanka that killed over 300 people. She says she was devastated.

“In the face of hatred, love absolutely is stronger than hate. What happens to one of us happens to all of us,” Pastor Tiffany Sundeen said.

That’s what compelled her to call together different faith leaders in the area. About two dozen people took part in the candlelight vigil to pray for world peace. The vigil brought together equal numbers of people from all three faiths.

“Together, we are much stronger than we are apart. In the face of devastation, where it seems like death has won, the faith response is to say no, death does not have the last word. Life has the last word,” she said.

The Sri Lankan government says the attacks may have been in retaliation for the mosque attacks in New Zealand last month.

The Lutheran World Relief organization, which helps people recover after emergencies, has people on the ground in Sri Lanka.

“We come together out of faith. We join their cries out of faith. We join their hope for new life and new beginning out of faith. We come alongside one another in our prayers for peace,” Sundeen said.

Some at the vigil know people in Sri Lanka or have fled violence in other countries themselves.

The church says they’re making a commitment to do more interfaith activities, and they hope paving the path to peace locally will reach Sri Lanka.

“The love for neighbors is real here. Our prayers were not alone last night. They were joined by many in this community in praying for Sri Lanka and wanting peace on this planet,” Sundeen said.

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