Mark Kennedy Tells Colorado Crowd That Is He “Fully Committed To Diversity”

UND President is touring the University of Colorado campus system where he is the lone finalist for president

DENVER, CO (FOX 31 Denver)  — UND President Mark Kennedy told a forum in Colorado that he is “fully committed to diversity”.

Kennedy is touring the University of Colorado campus system where he is the lone finalist for president.

The controversial pick to be CU’s next president has been criticized for his conservative voting record, and history of jumping from job-to-job.

In 2006, while serving as a U.S. Congressman, Kennedy voted in favor of the Marriage Protection Amendment, which would have banned gay marriage at the federal level.

“No matter who you love, or how you identify, you will have my full respect for your dignity, and my full support, whether you’re staff, faculty, or student,” he told the crowd in his opening remarks.

Kennedy spoke at a Denver hotel ballroom, beginning a state-wide tour of CU’s campuses.

In recent weeks, thousands of CU students, faculty, and alumni have expressed concerns over the Board of Regents choice.

“Mark Kennedy as a leader is problematic, and he’s unqualified,” said CU Law Student Perdeep Singh-Badhesha. “I think this is going to be the easiest of all the forums he goes to. These were softball questions, and I think he still did a very poor job.”

Singh-Badhesha says he’s concerned with Kennedy’s political views, at a school system known for welcoming and promoting LGBTQ rights.

“If you’re at the medical school, you’re really scared about his research spending. If you’re an alumni and a donor, you’re scared that he’s bad at fundraising. If you’re LGBTQ, obviously you’re afraid, and if you’re a woman on campus, obviously you’re afraid of this president,” he says. “I will not donate to CU if this man becomes president.”

Kennedy fielded numerous questions from the crowd, saying his political past won’t have an impact on how he handles businesses as president.
“None of those votes are going to come into play, they’re just not going to come into play. The real question is, how good are you at running a university? That’s the question we really ought to be focusing on.”

Kennedy will take questions at 4 more forums over the course of the week, as he visits all 4 CU campuses.

The board will make its decision next month.

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