Vargas Having Strong Season for NDSU Softball Thanks Coach’s Trust

The Freshman has won 13 games for the Bison

FARGO, N.D. — Paige Vargas may only be a freshman, but the Bison pitcher has already made a name for herself on what is an impressive NDSU softball team.

“Coming in I didn’t really know what to expect – whether I would pitch a lot, whether I would pitch a few innings here and there,” Vargas said. “I wouldn’t say I was thrown to the fire but I was kind of glad that I do have the experience that I do now because I feel like it has helped me a lot.”

The trust from head coach Darren Mueller has been vital to the pitcher’s strong start.

“She has always been coachable,” Mueller said. “She is somebody who wants to learn. She is somebody who wants to compete. One of the things I told her is by the time the end of the year comes, I want you to be a sophomore with the experience and the things we are working at, and I think she is starting to work her way toward that.”

This kind of relationship was built way before Vargas even arrived in Fargo.

“I verballed maybe two weeks after I talked to him. He just had that confidence in me and that is what I was searching for for a long time,” said Vargas.

Considered undersized for a pitcher, Vargas knew how special it was to have a coach show so much interest.

“I didn’t really get many offers. NDSU was my first one and the main reasons for that was cause when colleges recruit pitchers, they look for mostly height,” Vargas said. “I am only 5’6”, so that doesn’t really fit the category exactly, but just knowing that Darren wanted me for the skills I had and not the height that I could be, I knew he trusted me and there is nothing more you could ask for.”

She might not have gotten as many offers as a typical star pitcher does, but Vargas is still pretty content with how things ended up.

“I could have waited a little bit to see what else was out there,” Vargas said. “But I didn’t really want to. I think I made a good choice.”

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