Regent Calls Attacks On Mark Kennedy “Unreasonable” And Blames Radical Leftists

Chance Hill is a member of the Colorado University Board of Regents
UND President Mark Kennedy in Colorado

DENVER, CO — A member of the Colorado University Board of Regents is speaking out in support of Mark Kennedy and the C-U presidential search process.

In a Facebook post, Chance Hill wrote that he could no longer keep silent after Kennedy endured “unreasonable attacks and slanderous smears in the past two weeks.”

Hill blames radical Leftists for a fixation over a few votes cast among more than four-thousand during Kennedy’s six years as a Republican member of Congress.

At least two other Regents have expressed second thoughts about the appointment.

Kennedy is the current president at UND and the lone finalist for the top job in the C-U system.

The board is scheduled to meet Thursday on whether to offer him the job.

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