4e Winery Celebrates Another Season with New Type of Wine

4e is adding "Prairie Breeze" to its list of fruit and grape wines

MAPLETON, N.D.– 4e Winery is open for another season and is adding to its list of completely local wines.

4e is adding “Prairie Breeze” to its list of fruit and grape wines.

The winery is located on an over 100-year-old farmstead and was able to dodge the rural flooding in the area this spring.

A 4e co-owner says the winery is a long-time hobby gone wild.

“I’ve been a winemaker for over 20 years, probably 25 years, and when we moved to North Dakota back then, we couldn’t find any grapes available,” 4e Winery co-owner Greg Cook said. “So, I started making wine from what fruits grow on the prairie, chokecherries and rhubarb and things that we could get locally.”

“We’re very excited to have people come out to the winery, see the beauty, see the prairie of North Dakota,” 4e Winery co-owner Lisa Cook said. “They can sit on the deck, have a nice glass of wine or sangria, and just enjoy the peace and quiet of the country.”

4e Winery has more types of wine coming this summer.

You can visit the winery on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.


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