Klobuchar During Town Hall: President Should Govern “From Opportunity & Not Chaos”

MILWAUKEE –┬áMinnesota Senator and presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar strikes a contrast between herself and President Trump at a Fox News town hall.

The Democrat says governing from the oval office should come from opportunity and not chaos.

Klobuchar says that means seizing challenges and having solutions for real problems. That includes a workforce that shares in the economic prosperity she says our country has seen. She says it also means having roads, bridges and rails that work so people can go to work.

“These are things before us that this president hasn’t been grappling with. And I am someone that looks people in the eye and tells them the truth and gets things done.”

Klobuchar was asked about the booming economy under President Trump with GDP up and unemployment down.

She says the average American isn’t sharing that prosperity.

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