Survey Ranks Minnesotan Accent 48th Sexiest in the Country

Minnesota beat out New Jersey and Long Island accents

The Minnesotan accent was made famous in the movie Fargo, but dontcha know it’s ranked as the 48th sexiest accent in the country?

Travel company Big Seven ranked 50 accents across the U.S. based on survey results from their 1.5 million social audience.

Minnesota only beat out New Jersey and Long Island accents.

People in downtown Fargo guessed the Minnesotan accent would rank around the middle of the list.

“I see it being on a list, but not like a list of things that are sexy. Oop, you know, better luck next time,” Rachel Stevens of Fargo said. 

“It’s probably where it should be,” Angela Hetland of Moorhead said.

“It’s not that great,” Alex Reitan of Fargo said.

And which accent ranked sexiest in the country? Texan.

For the full list, click here.

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