Play of the Week Nominees: May 24

May-Port-C-G, Hillsboro-CV Battle for the HS POTW

FARGO, N.D. — This week’s DJ Colter High School Play of the Week come fresh from postseason action.

It’s the time of year were teams are vying for spots in the State Tournament and this week’s plays showed that coming from the Class B Region Two Baseball Tournament.

First up, from May-Port-C-G and Hillsboro-CV, Patriots Kade Susie robs the Burros of a chance to advance the runner on the attempted bunt.

Great play but is it better than what we saw from the Burros game later in the tournament against Hatton-Northwood?

The Thunder hit a long fly ball into center field and Gavin Wright is there to steal the hit away.

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