Boys and Girls Club of Red River Valley Reveals Completed Renovation Project

The Club was award a $50,000 Renovation Across the Nation Grant from Lowe's Home Improvement

FARGO, N.D. — Every year, Lowe’s Home Improvement chooses one Boys and Girls club in each state to receive a $50,000 Renovation Across the Nation grant to make improvements in their facility.

This year, the Club of the Red River Valley was the chosen one from North Dakota.

“With the commitment to kids and youth, we enthusiastically accepted,” CEO Robin Nelson said. “We’ve made some great building improvements. We are a nonprofit, so we are used to a lot of second-hand things, so for us to have new things is pretty exciting.”

The remodeled kitchen is the update the club is most looking forward to using.

“I know that the teens are really excited about getting in the kitchen and working, baking, cooking, learning more about the hands-on experience, and thinking about nutrition and how that can impact them” Director of communications Alicia Waldoch said. “How they can incorporate that into their own life, so you can teach them actual skills and nutrition lessons that they can take with them.”

A large portion of the money also went toward improving security.

“Doors aren’t really that impactful, but when it comes to safety, it makes a big difference, so we updated door handles, updated actual doors, so that they are safer, specifically with fire,” says Waldoch.

“We all know about safety – physical safety, emotional safety – and a lot of these simple building improvements will help our kids feel safer and we adults will know they are safer,” Nelson explained.

The remodel also includes updated flooring, new windows, added office space to increase staffing, and a new sign on the front of the building. All of this was in the hopes to make the Boys and Girls Club a welcoming place for new members.

“It is going to increase opportunity and exciting curriculum that kids and teens want to engage in,” Waldoch said. “And like anything that’s new, it’s exciting.”

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