Babies Compete for the Title of the ‘Fast and Adorable’

Crawling to their parents is something they do every day, but this time there are prizes on the line

FARGO, N.D.– It’s off to the races for babies in the area.

Crawling to their parents is something they do every day, but this time there are prizes on the line.

Chosen for their nicknames, these babies are competing to be the fastest crawler for the first ever Y94 Baby Crawl.

“A lot of them put nicknames in there so one of our contestants is named speedy Sam, another one was quick Luke, and so what we were looking for is people that insinuated that their baby was fast,” says Y94 brand manager, Corey “Zero” Schaffer.

While the races were fierce, parents and their kids say they enjoyed getting to know the competition.

“Interaction with other babies and it’s just fun,” said Taylor Enzminger. “It’s a good thing that the community needs to do for fun things like that to engage them.”

The idea comes after organizers wanted to create more ways for young children and their parents to get involved in their community.

“It’s just fun for us to bring something like this because Fargo Moorhead is a great community, but you’re always looking for something to do with your kids. And this is just yet another experience for these young babies,” added Schaffer.

These 10 babies are competing for the ultimate title of the fast and adorable.

But its up to these racers to decide just how ‘fast’ they can go.

“The fun thing about a baby race is we have no idea how long this is going to take. We might have a contender go from start to finish in just a couple of minutes, or we might be here all day,” added Schaffer.

It’s going to take a certain skill set to take the win.

“You want a baby that really has that prowess that allows you to believe that this baby is going to make it,” exclaimed Schaffer.

All participants receive a prize, but the first baby to cross the finish line, wins the biggest one.

Prizes included pentatonic tickets, red river valley fair passes, thunder road tickets, baby supplies, and more.

Today’s big winner is the one and only, 10 month old Ivy.

“Very proud, I would have been proud either way,” added Enzminger.

Y94 says they hope to do more baby crawls in the future.

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