Fargo Moorhead Youth Choir Sings Their Way to Carnegie Hall

Twenty five singers in the Fargo Moorhead Youth Choir were invited to New York.

FARGO, N.D.–¬†Twenty five singers in the Fargo Moorhead Youth Choir were invited to New York to perform at Carnegie Hall.

For months, they practiced for their moment on the big stage.

“A lot of challenges, the music was extremely challenging both in range and intervals and mixed meters,” says artistic director of FMYC, Josh Dahl. “There are a lot of things in the music that were challenging. They really stepped up and did a great job.”

This past Saturday, the students took the stage and sang their hearts out.

“Not only was it educational, but it was also very fun. I was very proud of the work they had done, both at their performance and during rehearsals,” added Dahl.

The Fargo Moorhead Youth Choir tours every year but they have never performed on a stage like this.

“That was really my first time performing somewhere that big,” said FMYC member, Asher Lange. “It was an amazing experience and it was full of opportunities and it was a lot of fun.”

The students say this was the trip of a lifetime.

“Absolutely because it was a great experience and it was really fun to meet new friends and meet new people,” added Lange.

“We are very excited as an organization to realize that there are people out there that were aware of our organization and that they felt that our students had the skills and ability to participate in this Carnegie Hall event,” said Dahl

Their mission is to provide a fun place for students in the area who have a passion for music.

“That’s our goal, to teach kids in this community and the surrounding area to love to sing,” added Dahl.

The choir’s next performance is June 11 at NDSU’s Barry Hall.

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