Global Running Day Encourages People to Lace Up Their Sneakers and Get Active

Local organizations are holding group runs and virtual runs

FARGO, N.D. — Nice, warm days are great reason to get out and get moving, and that’s what Global Running Day is designed to do.

Fargo Running Company owner Cley Twigg took part in his first race when he was four, and he hasn’t stopped running since.

“It’s something I enjoy doing. I call it my therapy. It’s what I need sometimes, you need to be by yourself and think through things,” he said.

Now, at Fargo Running Company, he helps others on their fitness journeys, like Weston Picken, who runs regularly.

“It’s a free feeling, feel so stress relief, feel like I can just run and not have to worry about anything. It’s a really amazing feeling,” Picken said.

“I love helping people with their fitness goals, whether it’s running, walking… that’s why I coached for so long as well. I just think it’s amazing when someone hits their personal record,” Twigg said.

Fargo Running Company regularly does group runs, and for Global Running Day, they’re doing a virtual group run on an app called Strava, where people can share their progress.

If you’re just getting started, experts say you can alternate between walking and running until you can run without stopping.

“Be patient. The hardest thing is starting a training program or any type of fitness, walking, running, working out program, just be patient. Listen to your body,” Twigg said.

To make sure you’re not overworking it, wear light–colored clothing and always stay hydrated. Also, avoid running midday, when the sun is at its peak. Once you lace up those sneakers and head out, make sure you start slow and pace yourself.

“Run at your own pace and take your time running, do as much as you can. Over time you’ll be able to run faster and you’ll be able to run a longer distance throughout a longer period of time,” Picken said.

Even if you can’t go for a run, doing something as simple as walking the dog or playing some ball at the park is a great way to get moving.

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