North Dakota Veterans Gather at West Fargo VFW for 98th State Convention

The quartermaster general wants more veterans to get involved

WEST FARGO, N.D. — Veterans from across North Dakota are in West Fargo for the VFW State Convention.

The convention includes socials and dinners, but also matters of business.

There are administration and committee meetings to talk about plans and legislation that advocate for veterans.

The VFW helps veterans work through the red tape at the VA and get claims filed.

Quartermaster General Debra Anderson says she encourages post-Gulf War and post- 9/11 vets to get involved.

“Sometimes the stereotype is it’s the older, mainly men, who are members of the VFW, and that’s no longer true. We are here to serve and work with veterans of all ages, all generations,” she said.

The convention will continue throughout the weekend.

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