Fargo Park District Makes Use of Stocked Waters with Trout Fest

North Dakota Game and Fish stocks lakes and ponds across the state for fishing

FARGO, N.D.– Every spring North Dakota Game and Fish stocks between 50 and 100 lakes and ponds with fish.

Between larger lakes and “mom and pop” ponds, Game and Fish says the goal is to provide the best opportunity for a great catch.

“We stock them,” North Dakota Game and Fish Department biologist Doug Leier said. “We put them in there hoping that anglers are going to catch them both young and old alike and that’s what we’ve seen.”

That’s why Fargo Park district is getting kids involved early.

The district’s Trout Fest gives youth ages 15 and younger the chance to grab a rod, a reel and wait for the catch.

“Seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces and learning something they can enjoy for a lifetime, that’s very rewarding for me,” Fargo Park District events director Clay Whittlesey said.

Woodhaven North Park and Fishing Pond is just one stocked location.

Employees stocked the pond with around 400 Rainbow Trout this past spring.

“It’s recreational,” Leier said. “At the bottom end of it, it is fishing and there is catching.”

It’s a hit for people of all ages.

“It doesn’t matter what the age is,” Leier said. “The smiles transcend the age gap that there might be.”

Leier says the department has stocked the state’s lakes and ponds for generations.

Some fish are found here in North Dakota and others from across state lines.

Bluegills, Crappies and Northern Pikes are other fish spread throughout the state.

“North Dakota Game and Fish Department, you know 25 years ago was really progressive and stocked a lot of these lakes across North Dakota and they have become wonderful fisheries,” Whittlesey said.

Fisheries for all to enjoy.

Fargo Park District awarded prizes to participants after 7 Monday evening.

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