Cass County Vector Control Fights Off Pests During Mosquito Season

The number of mosquitoes in the county has increased rapidly over the last week

WEST FARGO, N.D. — Summer has finally arrived.

But even the warmest time of year comes with its downsides.

“Our mosquito population kind of blossomed very aggressively in the past five or six days,” Cass County Vector Control Director, Ben Prather said. “Pretty much Wednesday of last week is when I think folks in the region started feeling mosquitoes biting and causing some problems.”

The mosquitoes aren’t the only pest this season that people will need to watch out for in the Red River Valley.

“Buffalo gnats are a hugely significant pest, especially in seasons like we are having. The primary reason we are seeing those elevated levels is the cold spring,” Prather explained.

“That really helps create an environment where gnats thrive.”

The good news is that as aggressive as both the mosquitoes and gnats are, Cass County Vector control is working equally as hard to fight back.

“The insecticides that we are going around and spraying for the adult mosquitoes are going to kill the gnats if they are in the area as well,” says Prather.

Vector Control has been busy spraying repellent all over the County. On Monday, they covered most areas from an aerial approach, releasing their spray from an aircraft. They want the community to know that all pest-preventative measures they take are entirely safe to both people and pets.

“To go to the extent to run inside or say ‘let me slam the windows shut’ or pull the dogs in for three or four days, [is]  totally unnecessary,” says Prather.

“The types of products that we were using last night with the aircraft are of course, designed to be used in urban areas, designed to be used over people with pets and is as good of a product on the market that you will find for eliminating mosquitoes and doing as little amount of harm to the environment as we possibly can.”

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