Fargo Special Assessments Task Force Asks for Homeowners to Voice Concerns

they changed the cost share from 50-50 to 70-30 so property owners are paying less

FARGO, N.D. — Fargo homeowners have two opportunities this week to let the city know what they think about special assessment processes and funding strategies.

The city’s Special Assessments Taskforce was founded last August to review and change the policy that hadn’t been changed since 2003. They are presenting the ideas they have come up with that will help reduce property taxes to homeowners. They have already changed the cost share last June from a 50-50 cost share to 70-30, with property owners paying less.

“Our job is to represent the silent majority, the folks that we never hear from. What do they think? Obviously there are people that echo their concerns and opinions and support for various initiatives but tonight is all about encouraging people to come out. those who have watched and learned and have concerns about the special assessment policy. we want to hear from them.”

The next special assessment meeting is Thursday night at 5:30 at Fargo Cass Public Health.

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