Five Women Take Reunion Trip to Fargo to Celebrate 50 Years of Friendship

They've done a reunion every year for the past five years

FARGO, N.D. –Five women who call themselves the “1972 Sistas” truly embody what it means to be lifelong friends.

The ladies graduated from Mankato State College in 1972.

“One bedroom, three sets of bunk beds, so that’s where the humor really developed,” Alice Foster said.

They haven’t seen each other until five years ago. Now, they do a reunion in a different city every year, and this week, they’re in Fargo.

In every friend group, there’s always that one person.

“We have one person here that has a lot of quips, and we call it Donna–isms, so guess who that is, see, she’s totally innocent of it but they come out and come out and come out,” Eileen Roberts said.

For instance, the ladies were looking at the famous woodchipper: “I was born in the Dakotas…have relatives here…” Paula Peterson said.

“Well that explains a lot!” Donna quipped.

It’s the perfect time to take a trip down memory lane.

“We used to have panty raids and I have a wonderful picture of Lila holding up a panty. The stories are going to come out,” Roberts said.

“We did go to Catholic mass even though we’re not Catholic because they had cute boys. It was at midnight and next to it was a greenhouse that many of the guys lived in,” Donna Ryan said.

On a more serious note, these five are a solid support system.

“All of us have had different issues happen even as we shared the last five years, and we’re there to support each other,” Peterson said.

Even though it’s been decades, they’re still poking fun at people.

“The waiter was trying to embarrass us and we got him as we walked out. He got his payback really fast,” Roberts said.

“In unison we turned around and said, ‘thank you, Dillon!” Peterson said.

It’s no doubt these five will be best friends forever.

“The connection is always there. And the support system is there and it’s something we’ll never lose. It’s so special. So we’re going to end this with a group hug,” Roberts said.

The group will stay in Fargo until Thursday. They live across the Midwest, in Winnepeg, Minnesota, and Iowa.

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