MN AG Keith Ellison Holds Listening Session in Fergus Falls

This is the 15th one he's done since taking office

FERGUS FALLS, Minn. –People get to share their concerns with Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison at his 15th listening session.

The issues people brought to Ellison were wide-ranging, but he says they all center around two themes.

“They’re all about affording your life and living with dignity and respect,” he said.

Tim Barry of Fergus Falls came to ask if Ellison has plans to stop the criminalization of mental illness, something his daughter is struggling with.

“For the last five and a half years, I’ve been fighting with the Department of Human Services, with everybody, to help my daughter. She is right now sitting in solitary confinement in Shakopee Women’s Prison. That’s what I’m fighting for,” Barry said.

People are concerned about everything from immigration to child care issues.

Ellison, a former Congressman, says working in his home state brings him a lot closer to local communities.

“Even when I’m not shocked, I’m still surprised. I may not know exactly how things play out in this community so when I learned about that, that’s something that’s like, ‘hey that’s great, I didn’t know that,'” he said.

One person brought up the cost of lawsuits against the Trump Administration, saying they want to see how much taxpayers are paying for them.

Ellison also spoke about lawsuits he’s filed with other states, including one against merging T–Mobile and Sprint.

“Minnesotans are a concerned, earnest group of folks, no matter what part of the political spectrum they come from. They’re passionate about their communities,” he said.

Sessions like these are a way for officials fighting for the public to meet those like Barry, who’s fighting for his daughter.

“Her and thousands of others like her in the state of Minnesota that are suffering. It needs to stop,” Barry said.

Ellison has done listening sessions in over a dozen cities across Minnesota and even in some prisons.

He was joined by Fergus Falls mayor Ben Schierer and Otter Tail County Attorney Michelle Eldien.

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