Approx. 5,000 Show up for Wentz’s Charity Softball Game

Carson Wentz invited 28 former NDSU teammates to help raise money for his AO1 Foundation

Even though the Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks are on the road, Newman Outdoor Field was still in use.

Around 5,000 fans packed into the stadium for a charity softball tournament featuring more than two dozen former North Dakota State football players.

For the second time in four weeks, Carson Wentz orchestrated a softball tournament to raise money for his AO1 Foundation.

On May 31, he and his Philadelphia Eagles teammates raised $500,000 for the charity.

This time, he wanted to share that experience close to home.

“I wish I could be here more,” Wentz said. “Life’s always busy now that I’m married as well. It seems like time is always short for me. But, to get back here and see some familiar faces and see these kids again and do these camps means a lot to me, and I think the kids enjoy it as well.”

Although this is the first time he’s holding this event in the Peace Garden State, Wentz doesn’t think it will be the last.

“I definitely expect this to be a yearly thing,” he said. “We’ll have to make sure it goes smoothly tonight, but we’re expecting it to. It should be a lot of fun. The community should love it. Then guysshould love it, and at the end of the day we’ll raise some money to be able to bless some people. It’s just a win/win for everybody.”

Wentz started the AO1 Foundation after his rookie season to raise money for communities in Haiti, to provide food to those less fortunate as well as to give people with physical challenges opportunities in outdoor programs.

“I don’t think we’ve strayed away from what we set out to do,” Wentz said. “It’s really just the three different ministries that we set out to accomplish. It’s been really great to see the growth in just a few years and how god is blessing it and changing lives across the country and in Haiti as well. It’s cool to see the blessing that we can be to others.”

Before the game itself, Wentz guaranteed a victory for team offense, and they followed through with the 21-16 win.

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