The EPA Visits Local Farms to See Their Regulations in Action

The EPA also get to ask questions and see operations on a whole new level


DAVENPORT, N.D.–The EPA is in North Dakota and Minnesota this week to connect with local farmers.

“One of the things they noted is how North Dakotans are passionate for agriculture and whatever they do and they really take great pride in it. And I think that’s what we are out here trying to show them, that you give us the tools, we work within your regulations, and we are good stewards of the land,” said Jeff Mertz, President of the North Dakota Grain Growers Association.

The EPA also get to ask questions and see operations on a whole new level.

“They really like to see the technology, they got to ride in some tractors and sprayers yesterday and the day before,” added Mertz. “I think seeing that opened their eyes to just how big that equipment is.”

“One of the things I really find fascinating is the advancement in technology,” said Michael Goodis, EPA. “How technology is really promoting more precision application for pesticides which we think is actually something important. And it’s something we like to encourage more of too.”

Twelve EPA officials from a variety of different divisions get to see how their regulations are put into practice.

“We really try to promote better communication from the EPA in Washington D.C. to grower organizations like the NDGGA,” added Goodis.

“I think it’s very important for them to see the needs of the growers first hand,” said Kevin Deibert, BASF. “I think it’s important for the EPA to have that interaction with the farmers themselves, or growers, so it’s just not coming from the basic manufacturers or the seed companies at the end of the day, that they hear that need directly from the end user.”

“They want to know what we’re doing out here,” added Mertz. “They are not here to police, they are here to learn, so that’s what we’re trying to do just educate and build relationships and go from there.”

For more information about the North Dakota Grain Growers Association, click here.

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