Thunderstorm Causes Widespread Damage Across Red River Valley

Parts of roofs were ripped off and trees snapped in many neighborhoods

RED RIVER VALLEY — The thunderstorm caused widespread damage across the Red River Valley.

Strong winds ripped parts of the roofs off several buildings. Lots of fences and signs were also blown over.

Some streets across the F–M area were blocked by flooding.

Many neighborhoods have snapped trees, and the streets are covered with branches and debris.

“Three, four garbage bins and recycle bins just went flying down the street, one of them almost hit me, and then place I was at, their recycle bin went about a block and a half away, so I ran over there, picked it up, and then torrential rainfall,” Paul Kalvik of West Fargo said.

Xcel Energy and other utility companies say they were working to restore power in certain areas.

Several street lights and traffic signals around town stopped working because of the storm. Fargo Police reminds drivers to treat dark intersections as four-way stops.

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