Mayor Michael Brown Discusses Issues Impacting GF at U.S. Conference of Mayors

HONOLULU, HAWAII – Grand Forks Mayor Michael Brown is at the U.S. Conference of Mayors.

While discussing common problems among the 300 mayors in attendance he says there are widespread problems they all can relate to.

Brown says the main goal of the conference is for the mayors to learn from one another and bring successful practices back to their own communities. Brown says almost every city is dealing with opioid abuse and youth suicide. Another major concern is the future of our infrastructure.

“I think it’s just amazing how common potholes are across this country. We need to start investing in that and our governments have been neglecting in our infrastructure. As communities we need to push that forward so we don’t face the same problems in 50 or 100 years that we are facing now,” Mayor Brown said.

The conference will meet again this winter in Washington D.C.

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