AAA’s Tow to Go Program Offers Safe Rides on the Fourth of July

It's important to plan ahead if you're going to be drinking

FARGO, N.D. –AAA can come to the rescue when your car breaks down, but on the Fourth of July, they can also help through the Tow to Go program if you’ve been drinking.

If don’t have a plan to get home, you can call AAA, and they will send a tow truck to tow your car and drive you home. You shouldn’t rely on the service; it’s designed to be a safety net.

“We urge people to plan in advance. If they understand they’re going to be going out and consuming alcohol, they need to have planned for getting home safely,” AAA spokesperson Gene LaDoucer said.

You don’t have to be a AAA member to use the service, and it’s free.

You can have one person ride with you, but if you’re with a larger group, they’ll have to make other arrangements.

The program has been available in Fargo for the past two years, but AAA says no one has ever used it.

“They need to advertise that better then to be honest. It’d be good for the community,” driver Jacob Tescher said.

It’s been available in other states for over 20 years, and it’s helped 25,000 drivers safely get home.

“We have this network of tow truck drivers who are willing to go out there and help address the issue. We said, ‘how can we put that fleet of tow truck drivers to work during these holiday periods?’ This was a program that was developed as a result,” LaDoucer said.

This Fourth of July, 41.4 million drivers are expected to be on the road nationwide, and the holiday is one of the most dangerous for traffic crashes.

“That number of people driving combined with impaired drivers is a recipe for tragedy, and we want to avoid that tragedy at all costs,” LaDoucer said.

Many drivers we spoke to are surprised to hear about the tow truck service, but are glad there’s another option to get home.

“I’ve heard of people growing up in a small town that need a tow truck driver after a night out, but not picking up in the city, I think it’s a great idea,” Tescher said.

You can’t make an appointment to use the Tow to Go program. It’s designed as a last resort for those who didn’t plan ahead.

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