Tips to Keep Pets Safe During Fourth of July Fireworks

It's best to keep them inside in an escape-proof room

FARGO, N.D. –You might be enjoying the celebrations tomorrow night, but the Fourth of July fireworks can be a very stressful time for your furry loved ones.

To keep pets from running away because of fireworks, Homeward Animal Shelter says it’s best to keep them inside in an escape-proof room.

You can also turn on music to calm them down.

Make sure your pets have ID tags or are microchipped in case they do run away.

“I know you want to take your pets with you to the celebrations that you’re having, but if at all possible, they’d probably be much happier just in the comfort of their own home, keeping in that safe spot,” Heather Klefstad with Homeward Animal Shelter said.

She says certain foods found at celebrations like onions and grapes can be toxic to pets. Products like sunscreen and bug spray can also affect them.

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