Paradox Comics-N-Cards Celebrates The Inner-Nerd in Everyone

The Comic Book Store Held Nerd-Dependence Day Over the Weekend

FARGO, N.D. — There is a little bit of Nerd inside of all of us and Paradox Comics-N-Cards in downtown Fargo wants to celebrate that inner-nerd this weekend when their second annual Nerd-Dependence Day.

On Saturday, the comic and game store celebrated with new in-store board games for people to demo based on the holiday.

Throughout the entire weekend long, guests can enjoy open tabletops to play board games, demo Dungeons and Dragons, and get in on the Magic Pre-release for the new set of Magic the Gathering.

“It’s just more and more acceptable to be a nerd and to be interested in part of the culture and part of the fandom,” Paradox employee, Joshua Trumbo, said. “Nerd-Dependence day is a good excuse to focus in on that and basically say ‘It is okay to be you’ and it’s okay to love what you love.”

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